Monday, March 21, 2011

Ewe are so Special

Good morning everyone,

I love Monday's now that I don't have to go to work!!  I hope that you have been able to get outside and enjoy this fabulous weather.  Now that I am retired it is a challenge to keep active.  I could spend all my time making cards and scrapbooking.  Gotta spend more time in the yard and walking.  Saturday's lunch was out of this world.  Sorry for those of you who missed it but the rest of us enjoyed the crafts and the CHOCOLATE.  Can you tell that I live to eat.  I love the taste, the texture, the smell of food.  I'm in my glory when someone puts a brownie sundae in front of me. 

Today's card is another spring inspired design.  The adorable lamb is adapted from a design created by Kim Score.  Be sure to check out her website for details on how you can get instructions on how to make this lamb and several other spring designs.  You can find her at

Enjoy - I had so much fun making this one.

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  1. the cutest sheep Ive seen so far! :) great job Valita