Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday the 23rd 11am - 4pm

For those of you who will be scrapbooking, this is the layout we are working from Saturday.  The little bats will be replaced by embellishments of your choice.  I plan on blue/green for colors.   Please remember to bring adhesive.  Lunch will be BLTs and monster cookies.  As always, I won't be cooking.  I know you are all relieved to know that. 
I am excited to tell you that we have some new class members joining us that day.  Pat and Carolyn will be working on greeting cards till they build up their confidence.  I know you will make them feel at home.  We have one more lady named Catherine who is a gardener friend.  At this time I am not sure if she will be able to make the 23rd.  New layouts and new friends - who could ask for more?   As always, if you haven't already done so, let me know if you will be attending.  Hugs till then.

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