Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank you, Thank you to all yall

It is always great to get together for scrappin and eatin.  We had some new faces and the return of some old friends this month.  I am fortunate to have talented people in my classes, it makes me look good.  Each and every person left with my layout but personalized to their taste and photos.  I am touched by how much each of you has grown.  I was saying today that the classes would end at four pm when we started but
 now, even with your own changes in the layouts, we are through around 2:30.  That is our friend Grace Elliott holding her head and asking, "How can I get all these great ideas on paper?"  She is a joy to have in class, always a smile and a chuckle.  And don't forget Ms. Izzy who supervised and kept us in line.

Laura cooked lunch as always and did a great job.  I do need to give credit to my DH as he made Peanut Butter Cookies.  At end of day there were only two left.  Way to go BOB!! 

There is a great shot of Laura and my grandchildren who were here during my classes.  I hate to brag but they were so well behaved and I was proud of them.  Mona had a great time visiting with the kids when she finished her layout. 

Welcome to Pat Newton who did such a great job that I may have to let her teach classes next time.  Our friend Carolyn Overbey has hurt her back and she couldn't make the class.  We all wish her a speedy recovery and want to see her at future classes. 

My layout was titled "Spring" and I included some pictures from last year, but take a look at my Clematis on my porch today!  I should have waited and included this on my layout.  Oh well, Lots of pages and so little spring.   See you all when I return from my little trip.  Take care and don't do any great pages without me.


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